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Marrakech - Day 4

Early start as we had a trip booked. Had our breakfast, still not sick of the simplicity of basically different types of pancake each day with lots of sweet jams and honey with delicious bread.

Picked up from our riad and driven half an hour out of town to our first stop. A short ish camel ride, it wasn’t exactly an adventurous one but it was fun. We pretty much paired up with another private tour at that point, another British couple about our age.

After the camels we carried on toward the mountain and stopped at a big souk market, way more traditional that in the city, a lot (LOT) of fresh fruit, veg, meat, some of which was very much still alive and herbs and spices that were so nice and potent. That was mixed with all the other market tat but not so much of the touristy bits and bobs. The two guides were good at pointing out everything and explaining what the not so obvious stuff was.

We stopped a few more times along the road at picturesque lookouts and then for a second breakfast/brunch at I guess a cosmetics shop? After a bite to each the shop keeper gave us a bit of a tour of what everything was and how it was made. Sure it was a bit of a trap to get you to buy stuff but it was cheaper than in town, better than in town and the money was going directly to the women making the stuff as opposed to the sleazier sellers in Marrakech. We picked up a few bits.

When we made it into the valley of the mountains the views were incredible and we were handed over to our walking guide. He was a lot of fun. We hiked for a while and climbed for a while more, eventually making it to the bottom of a waterfall. They’ve cleverly dammed it so there is a place to stop for pictures and there is even a fresh squeezed orange juice stall right there.

From that we climbed further up and hiked through and round some very small, rural mountain villages to our final stop at a guest house that served us our lunch.

We’d become fast friends with the other couple by this point as they had travelled a fair bit as well and happened to be big NFL fans so having lunch with them was really nice.

As I write this we’re just driving back down through the valley and towards Marrakech. Sara is sound asleep in the seat next to me and I’ll be honest, if I was t keeping myself awake writing this I probably would be too. Our driver is really friendly but doesn’t speak a lot of English so there’s not a lot of conversation going on.

I don’t think we’ll be doing too much of anything this evening. If we get hungry we might just see what dinner at the riad is like. I’ll update if there’s more to tell, otherwise I’m very much looking forward to a rest and relaxation day tomorrow. We have a hammam and massage booked and I think that will about do it.

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