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Solo: A Star Wars Story

I'm literally just posting the message I sent to my friend Ed when he asked what my thoughts were on the movie. I apologised to him for the long message...

I liked it, a lot actually. I don’t think it is ever going to be anyone’s favourite Star War but it was fun. Emilia Clarke surprised me as I was kind of expecting her to suck and she didn’t. Donald Glover didn’t surprise me and was the best. Would have been happy with more L3 as she was cool and had an agenda! Never thought I’d want to add scenes to the original but she made me want to add just a small reaction from Lando in Empire or Jedi of him maybe just touching that new readout affectionately or saying “Hey, baby. How you doing?”

Woody was great as ‘what Han wants to be’ but he can’t help but be the good guy. I liked that.

Alden was fine, good in fact, most of the time with moment of perfect. Little things, little mannerisms like how he turned in the elevator near the end we’re perfectly Harrison. Other things felt a little off. He was a little too excited to be doing it but I can accept that as it was pretty much his first ‘job.’ Hopefully he gets a bit more jaded as time goes on.

Chewie was great.

Val was Maive from Westworld and there’s nothing wrong with that.

CG Favreau was fun and I was genuinely sad when he bit it.

Loads of fun nods to old EU and recannonising of stuff. Loved all that as the big nerd that I am.

Corellia was shot at Calshot, ten mins away from where I live! The background composite shots had the docks literally at the back of my house. My favourite planet from books, never seen before on screen and it is shot at my fucking house! I had a boner.

I hope they don’t do a straight up sequel, I hope that ‘part 2’ is Lando focused with Han & Chewie in the support role. Intro Fett there and then ‘part 3’ is the Fett movie that was being talked about last week with everyone else involved. Or you flip that and go Fett then Calrissian.

I do have further thoughts on the movie but that pretty much up sums up most of it. Updates have been really weird this week and I apologise, I've got all the posts saved as drafts with titles as I know what they all are going to be but I literally haven't been at home long enough to actually either write them up or put in the relevant pictures. I have tomorrow evening set aside to get caught up though and then I should hopefully be back on track. This is going to be weird to read when I look back on it as I've dated the posts to their corresponding days as if there is no delay.

Bonus Picture of my Mum and Paul dressed up as General Leia and Old Ben Kenobi taking my nephew and niece to see the film!

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