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We went to see Beck last night in Bournemouth. It was his only headline show in the UK after doing a couple of festival appearances.

I haven't seen Beck for about ten years and this was an amazing show. He played a lot of stuff from the latest album, which I've been enjoying a lot, as well as a bunch of the more up beat, dancier songs from years past. I was happy that Guero, my favourite album, was well represented! He did break it down for a short, one man, vaguely improvised, somewhat country section during the set while the band took a break. That was a weird but fun interlude.

He was playing with a big band, there was eight of them on stage total and they all kicked ass! The three piece percussion/guitar/backing vocal group in the middle were particularly great.

If you've never got a chance to see Beck live but are a fan of his music I recommend spending the money if he is ever in a town near you. It will be a fun night!

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