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Catching Up

Today's post was meant to be about Deadpool 2 but since both Sara and I were pooped when we got home from work last night the idea of leaving the sofa just felt horrible so we decided not to go see it.

Instead we caught up on last weeks episodes of the two best shows currently running, The Expanse and Westworld. Holy shit how good were both of those episodes! I'm not going to go into detail as I don't want to spoil anything for anyone not caught up but Westworld went to an awesome new place not just geographically but stylistically and thematically as well. The music by Ramin Djawadi continues to be sublime too. I was delighted by the new rendition of Paint It Black and the scene that accompanied but I was more psyched for the arrangement of C.R.E.A.M by Wu Tang Clan as it juxtaposed that scene at the climax of the episode so well! If anyone knows about Wu Tangs inspirations as well it has an extra bit of depth to it.

Switching shows but sticking with music, The Expanse had 'Belter' versions of Highway Star by Deep Purple and a All By My Self used so cleverly in a couple of scenes. I got a real kick out of that.

I've talked a lot about the show/series in general recently and probably will do again at the end of the season so I'll just say briefly that I loved this episode, Delta V, and it drives home my feeling that I think the show is a little out of sync, season one needed to include the first four episodes of season two to wrap up the story from book one and they should have progressed from there instead of getting half the book and then the remainder and first half of book two and so on.

This episode felt way more like a season premiere than a midseason episode and had all the excitement that comes along with a premiere episode.

I think a new home on Prime and potentially a season released all at once binge model is going to benefit this show so much and can't wait to see it grow beyond its network TV tethers.

I'm also spending this evening getting caught up on the blog. There is a bunch of posts to write so I've had a few beers. I'm just going to have some dinner and then I'll get on with that...

Here is a picture of how Romes greeted me when I got home from work, enjoy.

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