• James Hewlett

Marrakech - Returning Home

Packing up and heading home

Sara not feeling too great.

Tasty beats burgers

The Expanse is saved! Nice one Jeff Bezoz and Amazon Studios! I was so much fun, despite being nerve wracking, watching the progress of the #SaveTheExpanse campaign. I think it really bought the fanbase together. Hell they flew a banner add over Amazon HQ and launched a model Rocinante into space for christ sake!

I've personally been living in multiple time lines of the series this past week and a half - I'm up to date with books and show, halfway through re-reading first book and halfway through rewatching second season. You'd think it would be confusing but I've been so ingrained in the zeitgeist of the series and barely off of the subreddit that is all just clicking back into place. I love it. Go check it out if you haven't!

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