• James Hewlett

Storm Chasers

So for a couple of nights over the weekend we've had the most amazing lightning storms. No rain, not even any real thunder. Just lightning in the sky.

It first started when we were driving down the M3 on the way home from the airport. They were the most intense and were getting bigger and bigger as we were getting closer to home. By the time we got off the M27 it seemed as though they were more over Romsey direction so we weren't able to get any good pictures but I kept on expecting to see a giant kaiju or Cthulhu-like monster in the sky! It was surreal but amazing. I love lightning.

When were on our way home from seeing Solo they were going again. Less intense this time but still going! We pulled in at home and I still fancied talking about the movie some so I suggested we take a walk down to the docks and see if we could snap some pictures of the lightning that seemed to be in the cloud just beyond the cranes and ships more over the centre of town or just beyond.

It was a nice night and I also wanted to get a good night time look at the docks as they served as background composites for the Corellia scenes in the movie and I was nerding out about that.

I was really happy with some of the pictures I was able to take! I've turned a couple into gifs so you can better see the lightning but it doesn't really do justice to how cool it looked!

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