• James Hewlett

Sleeping (with the) Fishes

We've had fish since we moved into this house four and a half years ago. We had one of those fish the entire time!

Others came and went, but most lived decent lives, only one or two died fairly quick and we took that as par for the course.

The long living one shuffled off his morale coil while we were away last week. He was old as fuck, had gone from gold to completely white, had a bend tail and was all alone. I didn't feel too bad that he'd died, he had lived way longer than any bog standard goldfish had the expectancy to.

We took that as an opportunity to give the tank a complete clean out, change the old stones at the bottom for some nice new colourful ones and generally give it all a refresh before getting some new guys in there.

We picked up three new fish on Monday and lost one pretty much every thirty six hours since. After the first one I was a bit gutted but accepted it, it happens some times. When the second one went I thought, well fuck maybe there was something wrong with the tank or the water but we'll go back to the store and try and get them to replace the dead. The water in the tank was fine when we tested it though. The last one died today and Sara went back to the store. They're happy to replace them but I do have to take in the dead dude and some water when I go in tomorrow to see if there is anything wrong. There really shouldn't be though as all the previous fish were fine and these guys all seemed happy enough before we found them floating up top. Very strange.

Hopefully they were just a bad batch and the next ones will last longer. I'll go grab them tomorrow after going for my blood test.

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