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Failed Test

I went to go get a blood test today at the only place that has a walk in open on a Saturday... or so I was told. My GP seems to be giving out dated information as the hospital I went to hasn't had a walk in facility for months!

It was a pain in the ass as I really just want to get my gout sorted out without having to take more time off work. I'll see if I can get an appointment after work some time I guess.

At least I was up and going early enough to get the other productive I wanted to do done. I went to the fish shop and got our dead ones replaced. Our water is fine according to his test so no idea what killed them.

(update... one of the replacements has already died.)

After I cut the grass I kind of didn't do a whole lot else. I played some video games, started painting a new mini and watched a bunch of Arrested Development.

When Sara got home we watched this weeks episode of Westworld and theorised a bunch after that, love the discussions it brings up!

We then played some PUBG with Sam and James. Our first game didn't go too well but was highlighted by a really cinematic shoot out with another squad, I went down first and the others were pinned down. After a long shoot out Sara and James came out on top but died not too long after.

We got a chicken dinner in our second game and were dominant throughout!

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