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Summer Time Football

This morning we were quite productive, we tidied up the bedroom, got the laundry done and so such.

After winning a round of PUBG we finally got our latest big Mondo poster framed and on the wall above the stairs. This was actually the first of the three I've bought recently but the last to arrive. It looks amazing and just makes me want to get the smaller pieces of art we have framed and on the walls.

We went out to a local fish shop to pick up an air pump to get some more air in our tank. They seem to be loving the bubbles.

From the shop we fancied going for a beer garden pint but as we didn't want to go through Lyndhurst we went to a pub we don't often go to but quite like. Turns out a friend of ours is now running it so we'll probably be going back there more often.

While we were out we were looking at what else was going on and saw that the local American football team not affiliated with either uni were playing and it was on our way back home. We were both feeling up for it and wanted to see what it was like.

It was such a nice day out and sitting on the grass watching the only sport we enjoy in the sun was great! I hope the weather is good again next weekend and other people from our fantasy league are free as it would be an enjoyable afternoon out.

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