• James Hewlett

Playing With Strangers

I've been wanting to play a full game of Star Wars Legion ever since getting fully invested in this hobby game. This evening I finally did.

Wez is getting into it but hasn't picked up enough yet to field a full team and was working so I sent a message to the UK facebook group last week asking if anyone in the area wanted a game. A guy replied and we arranged it for this evening at the place me and Wez checked out a few weeks ago.

I'd never met this person before and going and playing a game that I'm still learning and very new to, with a complete stranger is something that is usually way outside my comfort zone. But I'm enjoying this hobby and want to be involved with it and doing that requires getting out of my normal comfort zone and I'm really glad that I did. I got there a little earlier and there was a dude there to play another game with a group who showed up throughout the night but he was interested in Legion too and asked if I could demo it. I wasn't too confident in my ability to do so but I started getting it all set up, thankfully the guy I was playing against turned up and was way more familiar and able to run through a demo game with him while I took it all in.

It turns out the younger dude used to be a customer of mine at the comic book shop and recognised me from there. He seems interested in the game and I think he'll be picking it up, it'll be nice to have a friendly person to play against locally.

Ian, the guy I was playing against doesn't actually live in Southampton but is happy to travel down from Newbury to play games. He was a good opponent. Absolutely kicked my ass, but was pointing out what I could have/should have done differently in a very helpful way. It was a good learning experience but most importantly I had fun doing it. I look forward to playing against him, or anyone else, again soon.

I've never played any games like this before and while it is nerdy as hell, I really enjoyed it. I also enjoyed meeting new people, I think it was a really healthy experience.

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