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Who's Scruffy Lookin'?

This evening has kind of got away from me. I really wanted to paint tonight, not that I have much to do really, but time seems to have marched on and I don't know if I feel like getting it all out and going now. I suppose I still could, but the dining room table where is kind of crowded with stuff and I definitely don't feel like trying to sort all of that out.

Since getting home from work I have been pretty good though, the sink and kitchen side were starting to stack up a little so I did all the dishes and had a bit of a tidy in there. Only managed to break one, already broken may I add, glass while batting two flies down with a tea towel, I count that as a success.

I also shaved my face, I'm still in need of a haircut but I do feel a little less scruffy now at least.

I watched a little TV before firing up Battlefront 2 for the first time in a while. I saw the trailer for the new Solo content coming next week and it got me to go back to the game. I still think the criticism on it was way too harsh, that is a fun game! I've played more multiplayer in that than any other FPS since maybe Halo 3.

And now here we are. Man, I feel like I've really been lacking with good content on here since getting back. I can tell because I'm not enthused to write like I am when my creative juices are flowing. I need some topics, some thoughts, some ideas, some strong opinions on things. If you have any suggestions or requests please send them my way.

I don't have any big plans for the next week or so; no gigs or events or particular places to be at certain times, other than work obviously. The most I might get up to this weekend is going over to George's on Saturday evening and playing some games while Sara is at work. You know what, I'm quite looking forward to not having anything on the agenda, it feels like I've barely stopped since we got home.

Next weekend is Sara's birthday weekend. Her actual birthday is on the Monday but I wasn't able to get the day off so I'm treating the whole weekend like it is her birthday. Hmm, maybe I can write about that next week. Yeah, I can make that an actual post.

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