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E3 2018

As I write this I'm watching the Ubisoft press conference at E3, the annual video expo where all the big games for the next few years get announced and showed off.

I'm not expecting too much out of this press conference, the individual publisher ones are rarely super good, but as Microsoft showed yesterday the console makers, namely Sony and Microsoft, generally have a ton of stuff to show off.

Sara and I have a lot of fun watching all the announcements; getting excited about new games, critiquing others, laughing at the over the top production, cringing at how some developers are really uncomfortable speaking to large audiences and how badly the hosts want to be Steve Jobs. It's always good.

Yesterday we watched EA, it was terrible, there was very little to get excited about and Sara was asleep inside of five minutes. We watched Microsofts show later in the evening and it was a lot lot better. They had a bunch of exclusives as well as showing off a lot of other games coming to Xbox soon.

Bethesda was on over night so I only watched a recap, it looks like they had a good show though, plenty to be excited about though I doubt I'll play all of it.

I skipped Square Enix as I knew I wasn't going to be interested in any of there stuff and am now watching Ubisoft as I said at the top. This trailer is really fun and obviously only a cinematic, I didn't play the first Beyond Good & Evil but the sequel looks dope!

I started painting the next squad of troopers for Legion this evening too.

Gotta go, pizza's here!

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