• James Hewlett

Wanted: Video Game Friends

I spent a bit of money on myself today; after watching all the E3 pressers and seeing all the exciting new games coming up one big thing stuck out at me. Something that has been building for years now but I've stubbornly tried to avoid it.

Online co-op is here to stay and I'm missing out on so many games I want to play because they have such a strong focus on this feature.

So today I ordered not just a new controller as I've been using the same one since the xbox one launch but I also got a proper gaming headset. I've been tempted to for a while but I finally bit the bullet as there was one on offer today on amazon.

The only thing I need now is people to actually play games with online! Most of my friends are solely PS4 players and the few friends I do have with Xboxs are online at obscure times like I am. Maybe I'll have to jump into some public games and start making friends that way, but that just seems like opening a door to a real toxic atmosphere. Maybe I'll check out the Rooster Teeth community channels and see if there are some more similar minded people there instead.

If you want play games with me my gamertag is JHewlett. Send me a friend request and a message, I'd love to get in on some new games soon!

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