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Following Up

Yesterday's post got a lot of views. It seems a lot of people appreciated my opening up about my last day with my dad.

So how do I follow that up?

I don't. I'm not even going to try. When I started this whole thing over eight months ago I knew that if I was writing every day then not every post was going to be, or had to be, a banger. I'm happy if I write one really good post a month. If I can get one decent one a week I'm really happy. I feel like I filled that quota yesterday so I'm just going to rest on my laurels a bit today.

That said though, since starting this whole thing it has made me realise that I fucking love this shit. I really enjoy writing and would love to do it professionally. Give me an assignment, I'll write something interesting about it. Especially if it is a topic I'm already interested in.

When we were away I read an awesome article on slashfilm.com about while Harrison Ford was the perfect person to play Han Solo. It was a deep dive exploration on the actor and character dynamic and I really enjoyed it. My biggest take away though was; "mother fucker, I should have/could have written that!"

The same goes for my idea for 'Another Dead Rockstar' that was a brilliant podcast idea that I'd been sitting on for close to two years and never got off the ground. I completely scripted out the first episode, maybe I'll put that up one day as a post. It was clearly a good idea though as some pricks from Kerrang took it and are basically doing it now with a less cleaver name.

I don't really have a grand point to all this. In fact my post today was going to be about that fact that my favourite beer shop, Bitter Virtue, got in a bunch of Maui Brewing Co. beers today and so Sara and I made two separate trips to stock up on some deliciousness that we've not been able to have since our honeymoon. The only one of their main stock they didn't seem to be able to get hold of was the Beach Blonde larger, but to be fair, the other four are more interesting and better anyway so I'm not moaning.

It's late, I wanted to paint tonight but didn't get to it between TV and watching The Elite vs The New Day in Street Fighter V so I'm just going to say;

Goodbye, mwah, and good night, bang!

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