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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

The rejected title was Jurassic Wu: Wu Finds A Way but they didn't like my suggestion. I can't believe that Dr. Henry Wu, the polite, unassuming geneticist from the original Jurassic Park, has been in more of these movies now than Dr. Alan Grant or Ellie Satler. Seriously, the only person to have been in more is Ian Malcom thanks to his very small role in this one.

So what did I think of the movie? I'm not sure, there is a lot to digest. I had fun watching it and I loved the discussions Sara and I have had since about everything that is bought up in the movie. But this film, more so than the last, has a lot of issues.

If World was a remake of Jurassic Park, then Fallen Kingdom is most certainly a remake of The Lost World and that brings with it all the problems that that movie had too.

Despite those problems though I still enjoy The Lost World and I think that is why I still enjoyed this film.

There may be some loose spoilers from here on out so if you're adverse to that sort of thing now is the jump off.

This film is full of references and call backs to the original movie(s) some are overt and obvious and others are more subtle. I enjoyed them in the moment but I do think there was an over abundance of them and it started straying in to 'memberberries territory a few times too many for me.

The younger characters we've seen in the trailers were fine. I thought they were going to be irritating and shoed in but they worked well enough for me and also weren't in the film a whole lot in the second half of the movie. I thought the very competent veterinarian character was good and the techy guy served his purpose. I would much rather have two young idealistic characters introduced with the skills needed for the job than have Owen and Claire suddenly masters of those crafts as well as they could have easily done.

Speaking of kids, the only real child in the film ends up being a weird plot point. She is presented as the granddaughter of James Cromwell's character, who happened to be Hammond's original partner in developing the technology in the first place. We find out late in the movie that this isn't exactly the case. Who her mother is is played as a mystery throughout the movie and I'm not sure if it was intentionally leading us to believe that Lex, from the original, was her mother or I just jumped to that conclusion but it seemed to me that was the misdirect they wanted you to go with.

The reveal leads to a lot of interesting ideas that can be explored in the next film but it seemed a bit out of no where in this one and isn't bought up again once the truth is exposed.

I was amazed at how simple the settings were for the film. Based on the trailers it seemed like we were going to get a whole lot of dinos on the mainland but really the film has two main settings. The first part of the movie is an island disaster flick and once they escape it becomes a bit of a haunted house movie for the remainder.

I've barely spoken about the dinosaurs; they're great, they always are. I am so over the hybrid thing though. I wasn't a fan of it in Jurassic World and it makes less sense here; Indominus Rex was a cross between a Velociraptor and a T-Rex... fine, so this new Indo Raptor is a cross between the Indominus and... a Velociraptor?! That's just lazy. Sure the raptors are the big scary threat of all the movies and Blue is a character we like and so there needed to be a connection but c'mon! Do something a little different!

Unfortunately, as long as Dr. Wu continues to be alive and they continue to make him more and more of a mad scientist I don't think we're going to get away from the stupid hybrids any time soon.

Overall I enjoyed the film but I can see it's flaws. If you enjoyed Jurassic World, you'll probably have fun with this one too. If you hated that one though, I get it, this one is only going to infuriate you further.

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