• James Hewlett

Birthday Girl Part 1

It's Sara's birthday on Monday but I unfortunately have to work so instead we're doing stuff over the weekend.

I came up with a few ideas but didn't make any fixed plans. I suggested a few things this morning and we decided on a day trip over to the Isle of Wight. We've been over before and had a fun time so we decided to do that again.

The weather wasn't particularly spectacular or anything but it was nice enough for us to go and enjoy it.

We both enjoy playing put-put so went and found a fun place in Shanklin that had two different courses; one pirate themed and the other dinosaurs. We played both and enjoyed it a lot.

After that we headed over to Yarmouth and grabbed a drink while deciding where to eat. I'd seen this place called The Cow that was actually a little bit further inland and because weren't overly excited about anything else in town we decided to head there.

Turns out this place is actually on an old farm and is a flipping amazing steak place!

We were tempted by the burgers, everyone else was ordering them and they did look great, but our server had mentioned the steak special they had on that day that was designed for two to share; a 32oz chateaubriand. We had time to umm and argh over it as we were there a little before they started serving food anyway and so by the time they came to take our order we had talked ourselves into tackling this beast with all intention of taking the likely half of it that we couldn't get through home.

They bought it out and after one bite each we knew none of it was coming home with us. Wow, it was amazing! Definitely the best steak I have had this side of Texas.

The venue was really cool, we started thinking about how we might be able to arrange our fantasy league draft day there for next year. We'll see!

We had to hustle to get back to our boat and by the time we got back to Southampton we were ready to head home and chill out. It wasn't long before we were both zonked out on the sofa having had a good day out!

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