• James Hewlett

Birthday Girl Part 2

Day Two of Sara's birthday weekend today. I had said to her that as I wasn't going to be at home all day Monday and as presents tend to be a morning thing with us that if she wanted to have her birthday present a day early it would be okay.

She wasn't sure at first but when we remembered that it was actually the day before her birthday that I proposed three years ago there was actually a precedence set for it already. So while we were still in bed this morning I gave Sara the Nintendo Switch I'd bought for her along with Zelda. I was quite pleased with myself that it was a complete surprise. Especially as I almost ruined the surprise myself a few weeks ago!

We didn't want to sit around at home all day though so we decided to take a trip up to Salisbury. Sara has never been there to actually look around and knowing that she is a fan of old towns like that I thought it would be up her ally. I was right and we had fun wandering for a while but then started craving a Sunday lunch. We checked a few places and they either had the World Cup on, an instant put-off for us, or they had stopped serving food because they'd only done their fathers day booking today.

So we went back to the Green Dragon for the third week running and had a lovely roast!

Sara ordered Mario Kart 8 on Prime Now while we were out and it arrived just after we got home, we played that and Overcooked for a while and now I'm just catching up on writing and Sara is running around Hyrule as Link smashing shit up. I've never played a Zelda game before but this definitely looks like it lives up to the hype.

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