• James Hewlett

Birthday Bowling

Final day of Sara’s birthday weekend today, her actual birthday.

I had to work, which sucks, but I was able to get round quick and actually be home before she got home from spending the afternoon with a friend down in Bournemouth.

Sara’s not been feeling too great for the last few weeks so when she got home she curled up on me and we had a bit of a snooze on the sofa.

Although it was very comfy we didn’t want to do that all night and had talked about going bowling all weekend.

I tell you what, as non-soccer fans, doing anything else during an England World Cup game is delightful! The bowling alley had maybe three or four other people there so we played our games in peace. I had a pretty respectable first game but pooped it all away in the second. Sara maintained a decent consistent score.

We went to Mango for some tasty Thai tapas afterward, it was lovely! We haven’t been there in a while. Unfortunately near the end of the meal, Sara’s stomach was hurting again so we bailed on going for a drink or two at her place and just headed home.

It was still a really nice end to a good weekend.

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