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Six Degrees of Podcasts

Alright, its just a weird fun one today. I've written about all the podcasts I listen to before but today I want to highlight how weirdly connected they all are. I'm going to work down my subscription list and put the connection in between each. A few connect to multiple but I'm just going to go down through them all.

Dude Soup

- is part of Rooster Teeth with...

Rooster Teeth Podcast

- were frequent guests on @midnight with Chris Hardwick who hosts...

ID10T (please note I wrote this before all the shit came out about him and have since deleted this podcast from my list)

- one of the original hosts of the show that once was is Matt Mira who, when they put it out, hosts...


- with Scott Mosier, long time friend and partner of Kevin Smith and co-host of...


- shit I've hit a wall.

Okay, roll back to ID10T, that used to be The Nerdist podcast and on the nerdiest network is not only the now defunct Mike & Tom Eat Snacks but also...

Half Hour Happy Hour

- co hosted by Alex Albrecht who used to host Diggnation with Kevin Rose of The Kevin Rose Show on Revision3 who also hosted the video show for...


- often guesting on that show from their days together on Rev3 was another old co-host of Albrecht's, Jeff Cannata who is now one of the hosts of...

The /Flimcast

- this one has lots of connections and is pretty much the central connection. If this was a conspiracy wall with push pins and string, it would all lead to those guys. For instance, from David Chen we get to both...

A Cast of Kings and Decoding Westworld

- David co-hosts both of these with Joanna Robinson who also hosts...

A Storm of Spoilers

- with Dave Gonzales, one of the main four on...

Fighting In The War Room

Phew, that was really not that hard. So I've got others with connections too but not as linear. I'm a bit annoyed I didn't connect SModcast to anything, saying that Kevin Smith guested on /Filmcast a decade ago seems cheap and to be honest, I barely listen to SModcast anymore anyway.

/Film Daily

- Run by the site that also hosts the main /Filmcast

Shut Up & Sit Down

- Jeff Cannata has guested on

Star Wars Minute

- All of the guys from iFanboy and a few people from other podcasts have all guested on this show.

GameOver Greggy

- KindaFunny is closely tied to Rooster Teeth

Rogue Podron

- crappy connection but I discovered them because Dave Gonzales retweeted something from one of the guys on there.

Internet Box

- now dead but hosted by a bunch of people who now work at Rooster Teeth

Republic City Dispatch

- a spin off from FitWR/Storm of Spoilers featuring some of those hosts and Devindra from /Filmcast

Literally the only ones I can't connect are Around The NFL and The Churn, one because it is sports and the other because it is an 'official' podcast produced by the network so the only guests are cast and crew from The Expanse.

I've got a few other shows I'll pick up episodes of here and there but those are the ones I'm subscribed to, even if they're dead and gone.

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