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So as it has been made official and public knowledge now I can say that what I was hinting at yesterday is that Sara got the job she went for a couple of weeks ago. It's still within the same company but it is a GM role of a hotel/restaurant/bar in Winchester. So we won't be moving any time soon and likely will be starting to save to buy our own place hopefully next year.

I met Sara at work when she finished, I actually ordered my cab on my way home from work and he got to me so quick I barely had time to put my shoes on after getting changed.

We had a few drinks and decided to leave Sara's car in town and I would drive her back in tomorrow.

Mitchell and Emma joined us, and the guys from the bar rotated in and out. We had a lot of fun and silliness. Somehow we got onto taking stupid filter pictures while talking with the fantasy league. I love how even if there is only four or five of us together the whole group is involved all the time.

Those two headed out and Sara and I were getting tired but Wes wanted to join us for a pint so we stuck around a little longer. It was cool catching up with him. I love the portrait mode on the new iPhones having at a play with it on his, I can't wait to get a hold of that when we next upgrade, though that won't be until January.

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