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Fleet Troopers

I've had a chilled out day today; I took Sara to get her car when we got up and then we both crashed out on the sofa for a while. It wasn't like either of us had bad hangovers, but we just wanted to zone out and not do a whole lot.

Sara went to work after lunch and I sat and played some games. I finally finished up the bonus episode of Life Is Strange: Before the Storm as their new game drops this week coming. Oooff, what an emotional gut punch. I knew it would be, but still. Man I love that series.

I've also been playing State of Decay 2, I really enjoy it. It's tough, I want to help and save everyone and do everything but it is a massive game and really tight with supplies and stuff.

Most of this evening I've been getting on with painting the only minis from Legion I haven't finished up yet. I'll still probably be going with them tomorrow but I'm happy with how they're coming out. They've been a lot of fun to paint. I really find it relaxing and therapeutic doing something like that.

I might watch a movie... but I don't know what. Hmmmm!

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