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Blood Test

I really don't have much for today. I went for my blood test finally after work and have a follow up appointment on the tenth of July. Hopefully I'll get something sorted for my gout so it doesn't cause me issues anymore, not that it has in a while.

Sara and I watched an episode of Westworld, we've only got the season finale to go but the next chance we have to watch anything together isn't until Sunday.

We went for a nice drink in the sun when I got home from work, I didn't really see Sara at all over the weekend and so while we celebrated her new job on Friday night we were able to actually talk about it properly. Exiting times! No set start date yet, weirdly it kind of depends of how England do in the kickyball tournament.

That'll do for today. Sorry it wasn't much tomorrows probably won't be either as I'm going to play a bunch of a new video game so I can hopefully write about that later in the week.

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