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Today I was able to get pre-sale tickets for the Childish Gambino show at The 02 in November.

It's not quite the same as being snuck in backstage by the band to a venue that held maybe a hundred and fifty people, but I'm still super excited.

I feel like I've seen Gambino at every stage of his career and if this ends up being the final time he plays in England, a big stadium show seems to be a good way to finish.

When getting tickets I was torn between standing and seated. Sara and I are both short so standing is always a struggle, especially as we've got older and less interested in pushing our way closer to the front. Due to this, the fact that we've both seen Childish Gambino before and the that the last few gigs we've been to we've enjoyed a lot more hanging back and maybe sitting if we can, I went with seated tickets. I felt a bit lame doing so, but I know I'll enjoy it more.

I was really glad I did that when I checked the date of that show and saw that it is only two days after another upcoming gig that we're going to with Mitchell, Emma and inevitably a bunch of other people we all know as it is in Bournemouth.

Reel Big Fish and Less Than Jake are doing a co-headlining tour and it was just announced that Zebrahead and Suburban Legends are supporting. That is a lineup that would have made fourteen year old me very hard. I've seen Big Fish loads, though it has probably been close to ten years and I've seen LTJ at least once before as well but I'm really excited about this one.

Despite everything I said earlier, I think this will be the sort of gig than none of us will be able to help ourselves from going crazy at. Last time I saw Reel Big Fish I ended up crowd surfing twice, once by choice. I don't think I've done that since and probably haven't been in a skank/mosh pit since.

I'm sure we'll both be tired and sore after that show in Bournemouth so having seats at the Childish Gambino show will be a nice break. I'm hoping that a bunch of the old crew will be going to that gig too, though it was quite expensive so I wouldn't be surprised if only Harry makes it.

That weekend in November is going to feel like a festival except without any crap I don't want to see, having to sleep out doors and being able to shit in my own toilet. Perfect!

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