• James Hewlett

Indoor Kids... Outside

Ed arrived later last night and we immediately hopped in an Uber to town. We sat and got drinks at the end of the bar until Sara finished work and then proceeded to carry on doing that with the few people who stuck around until we eventually head home.

We had another drink and messed around a bit and got Ed playing PUBG Mobile, his first ever game and we got him a chicken dinner, not bad going!

Sara had to get up and go to work this morning so I ended up being awake a few hours before Ed. I was playing Mario Kart 8 on Sara's Switch and then we ended up doing a few races before thinking it was far too nice out to just spend the day indoors.

I grabbed the American football and we went for a stroll. Ed filled me in on all the new features in Pokemon Go and I got sucked right back in like it was 2016 again.

We eventually got to the park and threw the ball around for a while. I did feel a bit like a dad trying to teach a son how to throw a decent spiral but he started getting the hang of it eventually. It was a lot of fun and definitely worked up a good sweat.

After ice creams and more throwing of the football we went into town, did a bit more Pokemon hunting and got some food at Sara's place. We stopped off to pick up some nice beers and headed home.

Ed wanted to check out Maximum Apocalypse and as it is nice and easy to learn I was happy to play a couple of games of that. We also had needed to clear the table anyway as the plan is to play some Gloomhaven tomorrow when Sara is home too.

After all that and some chilling out we ended up pretty much just sitting in the garden in the dark because it was still nice enough to be outside without it being all stuffy and gross inside. Ed was bouncing ideas and design elements of the card game he's working on developing off of me and I was starring up into space. I'm pretty sure I saw the ISS passing overhead at one point too, that was really cool!

It's been a really good day, it weirdly feels like the sort of day that a kid would have on a summers weekend day. But with drinking.

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