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Meanwhile, in Gloomhaven

We finally got back into the massive board game Gloomhaven today as Ed is still here and with Sara home too we were only missing Toni from our full party of adventurous dick heads. She has been at a hen party all weekend, which is one of the reasons Ed was free and able to come down without interfering with any other plans.

Sara and I had done the unlocked side missions but had hit a wall otherwise as we didn't want to proceed the story without them. Ed said it would be cool as long as we didn't go too far and knowing how long the game takes I knew that wasn't going to be a problem.

We had got the first scenario we were going to play all set up and ready last night before Sara got home from work so this morning, once we were all up and conscious we dived straight in.

The game is amazing and the mechanics are so tight. Everything in the game is so meticulously thought out that despite it being a massive game and looking unwieldy at first, everything just works smoothly.

By the time we finished up that scenario, beating it by the skin of our teeth, we were all ready for lunch so we took Ed out to the pub and had a nice chilled out couple of hours and couple of drinks with some tasty food.

Sara passed out asleep on the sofa as soon as we got home but Ed and I were more than content nerding out over all the admin stuff you can do aside from the actual main game. We also got the next scenario ready to roll and went to the shop for ice creams while Sara was waking herself up. It has been very hot and stuffy in here today but a lot of fun. Hopefully it won't take seven months to get some more games played and next time both Ed and Toni will be able to come down.

Oh yeah, we beat that second scenario too, I was down to 1HP and was poisoned...

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