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Board Games Without The Board... or the game

I didn't think I had anything to write about this evening, then as I sat down to write this Ed messaged me to see if I wanted to play a board game on Table Top Simulator, a really cool 'game' on Steam. It is basically just a platform for people to create any kind of table top game. A lot of, hell most, board games have a digital analogue on there at this point, some officially made and available as paid DLC, others as fan made recreations or play testing versions of kickstarter games still being developed and fine tuned.

It is an intimidating thing to load up at first as I didn't know how to do anything or what any of the inputs were, thankfully Ed is very familiar with it and was able to guide me through it.

We played a game neither of us knew but it was simple enough to learn and get into fairly quickly. It was a lot of fun. I'm going to save talking about the game itself until I've played it once or twice more as I think it really deserves its own post.

I've been wanting to play more games online and while I did have console stuff in mind having the ability to play a board game online is great too! I can see this being a fairly regular thing. It's much more fun than just sitting half watching tv and half playing about on my phone.

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