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I was feeling really uninspired to write tonight, not just write actually, since getting home from work I've started a few things then just not been feeling it so stopped.

My writers block though was annoying me so I thought I would watch a movie and hopefully be inspired.

Instead of doing the usual thing of opening up one of the streaming services or scanning through my digital library and then not being able to decide I just went into my 'Watch Next' list on the Apple TV and hit the first film I came to. I've kept that list pretty well curated with content from all the apps that have the integration, so pretty much everything except Netflix.

The film I landed on is one I've been meaning to watch for what feels like bloody years now although it actually only came out in 2016 in the UK. I think it feels like longer because I had been hearing about it since February '15 when it first premiered at Sundance.

I probably don't need to tell you about the plot of Room as I feel like I am suuuuper late in getting it and you probably should have seen it by now. If you haven't, stop reading this and go and check it out, go on. It's on Amazon Prime Video if you use that or should be easily available elsewhere. Make sure you're getting Room and not The Room though... that is a totally different experience. And yes, that clarification was so you don't get confused, mum.

Okay so I'll very briefly summarise; Room is the story of five-year old Jack and his Mom. They live in Room. Jack has never seen outside of Room. Jack's mom has not been outside of Room for seven years. Old Nick brings food and Sunday Treat but Jack has to stay in Closet when he comes.

I think you get the picture. It's not a nice one.

Room is without question one of the most harrowing, tense and horrifying films I have seen in a long time without there ever being 'horror.' But beyond that it is amazingly sweet, warm, loving, heartwarming, hopeful and even very funny at times.

The performances across the board are great but the two leads played by Jacob Tremblay and Brie Larson are fantastic. How on earth you get a performance that good out of a kid that young is beyond astounding and Bri Larson deserves all the awards she got for the role. Her character has such an arc that you easily forget that she is playing a character that is only twenty five until later in the movie and it becomes very very apparent.

Seriously, if you haven't watched the movie by now you probably don't know the whole plot and I would hate to spoil it for you so bookmark this, go watch it and then come back.

There were so many scenes and moments in the film that got me but the finale when they go back to visit Room I thought was fascinating. The way Jack is confused at first as the room seems so different to him. Presumably he has only been out in the world for a few months at that point but having seen just how vast the world is outside, when he first sees Room again he barely even recognises it and asks if it has been shrunk. Brie Larson's expression when explaining to him no is so telling as for her it hasn't shrunk at all. It's the same, tiny 10x10, garden shed it always was and she can't bring herself to set foot fully inside.

Jack needed some closure to the place he believed was his entire world though; he needed to say goodbye to Plant and Chair Number One & Two. He needed to see Wardrobe again, the place he had fallen asleep almost every night of his life.

I'm sat on my sofa in my living room at the moment, it's not big but it's a comfortable sized space for us. I look around and see a whole lot of stuff. Then I think about how when I close the door to the hallway and the curtains to the big double doors leading to the garden how claustrophobic this room can start to feel. I cannot imagine having to live in this room, which is considerably bigger than Room, for a day let alone seven and five years. With the other horrors that took place as well. I shudder to think.

Room is a really powerful and provocative movie and by now you know that too as you stopped reading this until you'd seen it!

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be more inspired to write something, but if not I might watch another movie and see if it musters up as much as this did. Come back then and find out!

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