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I went off on one just now about 'fandom' talking to my friend George. He had posted a comment in reply to someone else comment on some fan group on facebook.

Right there that should have been enough to ward me away. I'm smarter that that, I know not to look at or engage with any of that shit. But I've had a couple of beers and I like George and value his opinion, especially when it comes to our shared passion for Star Wars, so I read the comment thread he had posted on.

I'm not going to bore you with those details as it's not important or really all that relevant.

I had intended to make this a more thought out and better crafted post too but I've just realised the time and I want to watch a movie before turning in for the night so all I'm going to do is post the transcript of this. Hopefully my point of view comes across well enough. If not, just wait, it is bound to come up again.

*Some guy* - When u like them just becaue they are labeled StarWars..and not because they are actually good.

- George - That's the thing isn't it? People do tend to like things that aren't very good. Like Liverpool fans.

- Me (based on a quick look at the first guy) - Oh George, I love you buddy but you have to stop engaging with these people... watch, he’ll probably call me a faggot because I said I love you and then misspell some more stuff while calling me out for being a Disney loving libtard.

I then switched over to texting George directly and after saying what I said at the top of this post, that I shouldn't look at facebook after a couple of beers...

Me: I still agree with what I said though. Fandom is broken and absolutely vile at the moment. Star Wars fandom, probably because of its size and history, is the worst. I really believe people should fan how they want to fan and not do it on public forums, especially Facebook groups, it is just breeding a horrible environment and tarnishing the thing we all love in our own ways. Cons and gatherings in person are great because the people who go to those are able to have civil human discussions. That is not the case online anymore. We are all living in trumps America no matter where in the world we are and it is a hateful, dumb and disgusting place that is destroying everything good. I’d like to add slowly but surely but it’s not even that slow.

Me: Wow that was a fucking diatribe wasn’t it!? I think I’ve basically written my blog post for today there. Thanks!

George: Haha it's a good read, post it!

Me: Oh I’ll expand upon it before I post it! You got the abridged there I think.

George: I hate the general community but I love sharing Star Wars with my friends

Me: Great! *palpatine voice* "Do it"... with friends!

Me: People like that semi reformed juggalo dipshit are not your friends though man. You’re a good person. A smart person. All he’s doing is making it harder for me to defend a country I honestly love way more than my own. It’s just some, lots, of it’s people that really really drag it down.

I don’t know that he was a juggalo, that’s just an assumption from looking at him. He’s definitely a MAGA hat wearing racist though.

Me: Didn’t know ya boy got this political didja!?

I can get fired up about things when I want to. I honestly just chose not to the majority of the time because A, it is not my place to try and change someones thoughts or opinions no matter how dumb I believe them to be. And B, I just don't give a shit about most of those people so why should I bother getting worked up by it. If I did that I'd just end up like my brother and that's the last thing I want.

Right, I'm going to go watch a big gorilla punch some shit. I'll be back tomorrow.

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