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We finally had an evening off together that we didn't have plans tonight so we were able to finish off season two of Westworld.

I had actually already listened to a couple of episodes discussing the finale but was eager to see it for myself as opinions on the episode, and season in general actually, have been very mixed.

I bloody loved it!

I really really like this show; the discussions it brings up remind me of the heyday of Lost with all the meta-textual dissection of every shot and line of dialogue, the theorising and explaining of what it all means and what the creators are trying to say with the narrative.

I can definitely see why a lot of people got frustrated with the season, there is very little hand holding and to a lot of people it might seem like a whole lot of nonsense wrapped in pretty visuals, but it worked on me. All the details from the guests 'code' being player piano sheets to the fact that when Bernard is in the house in the real world at the end Radiohead is being played; actual Radiohead, not a cover version like we've heard while in the park, all these small things help tie together a complicated story into an appealing package.

I thought it was very interesting how much they cleaned house of the large cast of characters. Only three or four were alive and kicking at the end of the season but the door was left open for most to be bought back in some capacity should the show runners chose to do so.

I think this is very cleaver on their part, we know HBO have renewed the show for a third season but as this season saw a definite drop off and is already a very expensive show to produce I wouldn't be surprised if some of the 'deaths' were done so in order to potentially keep the budget lower for next year.

I kind of hope that next season wraps the story up too. Three seasons, each with their own flavour feels right for a complex show like this.

I'm not going to go any further into my thoughts right now, there have been think pieces about the show written by every asshole under the sun at this point so you don't need another one, but I'd always be up for discussing the show so if you want to do so then drop me a message.

I'll be back tomorrow.

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