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Summer Fun

Another hot hot day here again today. Sara got up and had a bath straight away so I went for a little walk around down by the front to catch some Pokemon... It is a great nerdy way to get a bit of exercise when I normally wouldn't.

Rutter came over and we went and threw the football around in the park for a little bit, we didn't last as long as Ed and I did last week though as it was super hot... and he's a ginger.

He, Sara and I sat in the shade for a bit and waited for Mitchell and Emma to brush off the hangover and come and join us, by the time they did we were all very ready for the pub so we went and had lunch. Mitchell was so hot and bothered outside we actually chose to sit inside while we ate.

It was super chilled out but really nice to see friends and catch up. Sara had her Sunday afternoon siesta and I watched a bit of the NJPW show from last night and now we're just learning and playing a new board game; Founders of Gloomhaven, set in the same world as regular Gloomhaven which we absolutely love.

We're taking a break right now as Sara is on the phone catching up with her mum so I figured I would get my post done.

I hope you've all been enjoying the amazing weather this weekend.

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