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Diagnosis: Nerdy

I had my doctors appointment today following up the blood test I had a couple of weeks ago. Shocker, I do have gout. I did make the doc laugh when I said that I bet this is the first self diagnosis that has been spot on she's had in a while.

She gave me the choice of a couple of different drugs; one is a stronger and faster acting version of what I was prescribed back in April to take immediately if I feel a flare up coming and the other is a preventative to take daily regardless.

While I love the idea of not having it flare up again, I would rather avoid having to take something every day if I can avoid it. I have no problem with medicating; contrary to what Richard Ashcroft once sang, the drugs do work.

There are a couple of reasons I chose not to go that route right now though. The first is that I think I've managed to keep it in check recently, I was especially happy that I didn't have so much as a twinge after that awesome steak we had last month.

Secondly, if these other drugs are able to kick its ass straight away when it pops up then great!

Finally and most significantly, Jon was on daily preventatives for his gout when it was bad and while they kept that problem at bay, they also didn't help with his mental state... or so he claims, it's hard to filter whats true and whats delusion. Either way, I try and live differently to how he does.

If it keeps being a hassle I can always hop on the daily dosing train at a later date.

Since then I've been sat watching Rooster Teeth stuff while sleeving all (not all, but a lot) of the cards in Gloomhaven. I thought about it last time we played when Ed was down. The game is massive and we're going to be playing it for many years to come most likely and there are a lot of different decks of cards involved so keeping them a bit protected just seems sensible.

It took a long while but was weirdly satisfying to do.

I was just deciding what I wanted to do with the rest of my evening and I'm torn between playing some video games and reading for a bit or watching a movie. If I go with the latter I think it'll be Last Flag Flying, the Richard Linklater film from last year. I haven't seen it yet and I love most everything he makes so I'm sure I'll dig it. I'm not sure yet though.

Oh yeah, I started thinking last night that I maybe want to write a book. Like, a fiction novel or short story. I have no idea why I came to this decision and very little knowledge on how to get started at it but I think it is something I would like to do.

I mainly mention it here so that at the end of this whole endeavour I can either go, "Hey, thats when I decided to write a book!" or "Ha, look at that, I wanted to write a book but I never did."

It'll be interesting to see which one happens. The smart money is on the second one.

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