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While todays post may be quite brief, I have actually been writing quite a bit this evening. Just general outline kind of things for what I would like to write. I had a couple of scenes in mind going into it but as I started typing them out I was getting into a flow and more was developing naturally. It was a really cool feeling!

I haven't started actually writing anything yet but I feel like I've made more progress in the forty eight hours since I was inspired to start than George R.R Martin has in the past five years of writing A Song Of Ice & Fire.

I hate soccer. I really can't stand it. The fact that England have got as far as they have has been nothing but a pain in the ass for me. I've made a point of muting every single person who's posted some bollocks lyric from a crap twenty two year old song and I've given blank expressions of not giving a flying fuck to anyone who's mentioned it to me in person.

Sara sent me this image earlier on. That was the line outside her place to get in since 5:30 this afternoon, the game started at 7:00. Don't these people have jobs?!

The worst part is that if they are playing on Sunday the outcome won't matter one little bit, there will be a riot either way. I'm really worried about Sara and everyone at the bar. I've told her that if shit starts getting crazy just go hang out out back and let the door staff and police handle it. Oh and I'll be reminding her to not park her car anywhere near a main road!

We went to Croatia last year, it was lovely. I hope they win/have won/whatever.

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