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First Day/Last Day

I was tempted to skip out on writing tonight and do a catch up post tomorrow. I've just got back home and really just want to veg out and not do anything. But tomorrow evening we're popping over to see George & Trudy so I don't know how much time I'll get to write so I thought I'd just knock out a quick post now.

It was Sara's last day at her current bar today. Thankfully England were eliminated from the kickyball tournament so she won't have to work the weekend. I'm really looking forward to watching the last home game of the local football team play on Sunday!

She came home after work but was going back this evening for her leaving drinks. I said I'd take her in so that she would only have to get a cab one way. I had dinner while I was there and hung out for a little but was quite happy to leave.

I find it kind of sad and gross that they were excited about trying to get Sara as drunk as possible. Like, they take pleasure in that? I don't get it. Never have.

They tried to use an incident of me getting far too drunk as an excuse, but that was all self inflicted and me just going too far on my own accord. Plus it wasn't exactly fun for anyone. I don't get the mentality of wanting to do that to someone else. Maybe it's an age thing. Whatever. Hopefully Sara is more sensible than I would be in that situation but as long as she gets home safe I don't mind.

After work I was idly watching the NJPW special from the weekend while browsing online courses. I found a website that has tons and I had a discount code so I said screw it and am signed up to an entry level creative fiction writing course.

I really think that I'm at that point where I actively want to learn and expand my knowledge base. Education is wasted on the young. I'll keep you up to date with my progress as I work through it. I'll probably get started on it early next week.

I've discovered a bunch of new music recently, I'm trying to work out a through line or theme to be able to write up a post about some of it, but it's all cool summertime vibes that just make me want to sit outside with a cold beer and some barbecue...

Context for todays picture: There have been a few times in the past, where Jon or I have referenced 'Johnnie Onion Man' and received weird looks from both Maggie and Sara. At first they thought we were making him up. Then when we described the stereotypically looking Frenchman with the striped shirt and beret who used to ride around our part of Southampton on a pushbike with onions strung around his neck for sale they were convinced that we were making shit up. So when I saw this on the motorway today I had to follow him into the service station and snap a picture! We were not making it up! Moreover, he seems to have done well for himself and expanded his enterprise! Good for him!

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