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My Dinner With... not Andre

Okay, writing this post and the next one a couple of days late so they're going to be super brief!

We went for dinner at George & Trudy's tonight. I'd told George a few weeks ago I would sell him all of the bits I had bought years ago for the X-Wing Miniatures Game. It's really fun but I'd never really got a chance to play as much as I would have wanted so I didn't mind letting them go. George being George in the intervening time had gone out and bought a shit load more, way more than he'd ever possibly need. I helped him sort all of that out.

After Trudy had put their two little ones to sleep we had some nice dinner and a catch up, it was good. George is back at see soon so that's probably the last chance to see him until near the end of the year.

Sara and I were both pooped by the time we left so when we got home we pretty much just fell asleep on the sofa until we crawled up to bed.

Sara had had a bit of a day... After going out Thursday night for her leaving drinks with the people from work she didn't end up getting home until nearly six am! A great time was had by all though. That is until she woke up to multiple messages about fraud activity on her bank cards. It turns out that her purse had been stolen out of her handbag while they were at a club and the guy had then shot up to London and was doing £30 contactless transactions, one after another at one food supply shop there. Due to this the police are eager to investigate but what with the cash in her purse and the cost of replacing things like drivers license the whole thing is going to end up costing her nearly £200... expensive night out!

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