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Casual Saturday

Probably another brief update today.

With Sara off this weekend we were both half thinking we wanted to have some sort of adventure, but with her being on very limited emergency funds from the bank due to her purse being stolen and canceling all her cards, we decided that going too far a field wasn't the best plan. That and neither of us really fancied a long car ride.

We saw there was the Mela Cultural Festival going on in town so thought we'd go and check that out. It was alright, a mix of African, Indian, Caribbean and Asian stands, stalls and activities with plenty of food and music. I do like those sorts of things, they're a bit of fun to walk through. As we were approaching it I realised that this weekend, back in the day, was always the weekend that the hot air balloon festival used to take place on the common. I have lots of fond memories from that as a kid, it's a shame it doesn't happen anymore.

After having the obligatory ice cream we went for a bit of a wander around some shops. Sara wanted to pick up a few essentials for starting her new job on Monday and I was quite content just strolling around.

We started heading back toward the car but thought we would stop and have a drink at the pop up bar they've got set up with a bunch of fake grass, deck chairs and a big screen showing Wimbledon. We ended up staying there for a while, enjoying the sun and the semi-final match that was on.

Near the end of the match we decided that having some food was a good idea as the likelihood of us making anything when we got home was dropping. We went for some nice pizzas at Franco Manca and then came home.

After passing out for an hour or so siesta we played some A Way Out on the xbox for the first time in ages. I love that game for how they handle it being a fully cooperative experience.

We then decided to have a better crack at playing the new board game we got in the week, Founders Of Gloomhaven. We had a better understanding of the rules this time round and played the full game. It was a lot of fun, very different to most other games we play. It was definitely a competitive game but you need to work together and feed off of what the other player(s) is doing in order to progress. Issac Childres, the one man design team behind this and the original Gloomhaven is a genius and I love that he's got a real independent mentality about his work; he could very easily be earning money designing games for bigger companies and then quickly moving on to the next thing but instead he conceptualises a game and sees it through all the way beyond distribution himself. He has an artist and graphic designer who he collaborates with and that is about it! It shows, the amount of thought and effort put into every single element is just not something you get with many other games and the sheer amount of content in his work is insane.

Right that's enough. Tomorrows post will probably be about the Solent Thrashers game and will be up Sunday evening. Enjoy.

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