• James Hewlett

Pink Knees

Today was the last regular season home game of the Solent Thrashers so obviously we were going to go.

The game ended up being a bit of a route to be honest, the home team destroyed the Ouse Valley Eagles 7-63. It was almost embarrassing after a while.

It was a lot quieter this week too, compared to previous games we've been to. I think the biggest reason is because the World Cup final was later that day. It was also earlier than the previous games and we had beaten the opposing team easily earlier in the season so it's possible that people knew it wasn't going to be a competitive game.

We ended up leaving near the end of the third quarter because we were burning up. It was really hot and the sun was beating right down on us. We had prepared most things, we had plenty of beers with us, a nice picnic, a blanket to sit on even. We didn't anticipate needing sun cream though. I got off light, only the top of my knees got a little burnt and even then not too badly. The rest of me just got a decent bit of colour for the first time in years. Sara was a little worse off but she her skin handles it a lot better so even though she got a bit pink, it wasn't too much.

This evening played some more A Way Out and were able to finish it. What a great video game! I was really invested in the story and loved the co-op mechanics. The ending was a kick to the gut for sure and makes me want to play through it again choosing different options to see how it might play out.

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