• James Hewlett

Prime Day

Today, we don't have an Amazon Alexa device... Tomorrow we'll have three.

We've been wanting to get a smart home hub for some time and while the Apple HomePod would make sense for us considering all the rest of our tech is Apple made, the extra cost and no extra functionality really doesn't make it worth it. So we had previously decided that Amazon was the way to go and when we saw Prime Day was coming up we knew that would be the best time to get it all sorted.

We went with a basic Echo for the living room and two Echo Dots, one for the kitchen and one for upstairs. The deal I got also came with the Philips bridge and two bulbs so we will be able to get our lights sorted straight away.

There was a bunch of other things on sale that I was watching and I did pick up a couple of other things; a new pair of shoes, some batteries, basics like that, but generally I was very good and reserved. I was looking at an inflatable kayak for ages and very nearly bought it. We've wanted to do more stuff like that ever since Hawai'i, but without knowing exactly when we'll be able to get out and use it I decided to not go for it just yet.

Right, I'm going to go and cook dinner for us, Sara should be on her way home from her first day in charge of her new place so I wanted to have some food ready for her when she's done.

I'll be back tomorrow.

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