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Mission: Impossiblerer

Part two of our Mission Impossible series re-watch...

WOW! That movie is sooooo year two thousand. It's been a long while since I watched M:I 2 as I know it's not just the low point for the series but just a really schlocky movie in general.

Watching it this time a few things stuck out to me, the film is absolutely dripping with John Woo. If it had been made ten years earlier it wouldn't have been a Mission Impossible film, it would have been made in Hong Kong, Chow Yung Fat would have starred in it and it would have probably been amazing!

Ethan Hunt is a completely different character than the spy he was in the first film. He shares a lot more in common with Pierce Brosnans late nineties Bond than he does with every other portrayal of Hunt before and since.

Woo doesn't know when to leave the camera alone either, almost every shot has a snap zoom in to exactly the detail you are meant to be focused on.

I was pleased to see that Thandie Newton, who has become an awesome powerhouse actress in recent years, wasn't as bad as I remembered her being. There were a couple of character actors who were in the film that I had completely forgotten were in it; Brendan Gleeson who is always great and William Mapother who I'll always get a kick out of seeing from his role on Lost.

Another Westworld alum is in the film too, though I'm sure if you asked Sir Another Hopkins about it he would plead ignorance. Can't blame him though, he clearly only shot for a day or two.

There are so many weird plot inconsistencies and things that are just too convenient to be taken seriously. The film must have been in production before The Matrix was released and for better or worse it shows. Most other action films in the early 2000's were trying the ape the Wachowski's where as M:I 2 feels way more like the slew of bad action movies we got throughout the nineties.

I'm glad the franchise took time to lick its critical wounds after this one. It's fun to watch to make fun of but if you're watching the series it is wholly skippable. I'm looking forward to watching JJ Abrams feature film debut soon in Mission: Impossible 3.

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