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Curry House Catch Up

We went out for a meal with Jon, Maggie, Giles and his other half Jackie tonight.

I was a little apprehensive when we first got the invite, I've talked about how strained my relationship has been with my brother plenty of times at this point so I won't bother reiterating any of that.

But we've been alright recently, chatting via email about nonsense, it's been nice. So I figured, why not give it a go and see. We were meeting at a bar we like first anyway so if we weren't feeling it we could always bail when they went round to the Indian that they'd booked.

I hadn't seen Giles in absolutely ages and had never met his girlfriend Jackie, so it was really nice catching up with them. He seems a lot happier and healthier than he has in ages, it was lovely to see.

We also hadn't really seen Jon and Mags for a long time either and I was so happy that it was just like old times. I still bit my tongue on a couple of occasions and didn't say something I might have been thinking, but that's okay. There is nothing wrong with doing that, it only becomes a problem when there is a laundry list of 'banned topics'. Thankfully a lot of the things that used to be absolute no-go areas with them both seem to be fine to talk about now. They were even the ones who bought them up!

Giles and Jackie are expecting a kid and Jon of all people, was the first person to bring it up and seemed genuinely interested in knowing more. It was so different than Jon of say, a year ago.

It became clear that the reason they'd arranged the night out is because they were celebrating a big step forward for them both. It's not my place to go into detail here as I'm not sure how public it is yet but I believe it will be a great weight off their shoulders and no matter what happens with they're time out of the country, will set them on a better course if and when they ever come back.

It was the most positive I've felt for and about Jon and Maggie in a long time and I'm really glad we went out. Oh and the curry was amazing!

Off to a barbecue tomorrow evening, Saturday (this post is going up late) so that one might be up late too.

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