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Mission: Impossible 3

Alright so I just wrote loads about James Gunn so this post is going to be really short and contain no real amount of content.

We watched M:I3 last night and really really enjoyed it! It's been a couple of years since I have seen in and while I could remember certain scenes like the bridge and the Vatican there was plenty of surprises still for me. Sara has only seen it once before and that was long ago, when it first came out most likely, so she couldn't remember any of it.

What a strong film debut for J.J. Abrams! So much of his style is on full effect in this film.

It also goes on to further my suspicion that this really could have been a direct sequel to the original, just ten years later. The second film is 100% skippable and adds absolutely nothing to the franchise.

I've long thought that this was the best of the films, I'm looking forward to revisiting the next two, which I'm even less familiar with. First reviews of the latest are just starting to come out and are stellar so we've got to get caught up so we can go see that one!

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