• James Hewlett

Rained Off

Today we had planned to go out have have a fun adventure for our wedding anniversary. We're both working tomorrow daytime, our actual anniversary, but we'll go out for a nice meal.

After checking yesterday we saw that the weather was going to be absolute toilet today though and boy were they not kidding!

I can't complain, it has been glorious lately and this isn't due to last for more than a day or two, it's just poor timing.

It could be fortuitous though. We're both quite tight on money this month, so while we considered a few options we could do that wouldn't be weather dependant we've decided on having an 'us day' mostly at home. That involved some tasty pancakes for breakfast, then playing some very hectic Overcooked on the Switch.

We're now both being crafty in our own ways. I'm getting blog posts done and then am going to do some more creative writing exercises while Sara is drawing and working on her next print.

I'm sure later on we'll play another board game or something and we'll probably pop out somewhere at some point lest we get totally claustrophobic.

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