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Saturday Afternoon

Today is the tenth anniversary of Achievement Hunter, the Rooster Teeth gaming videos department that started life making guides for xbox games but quickly evolved into making comedic videos and helping pioneer the 'Let's Play' format.

To celebrate the anniversary Rooster Teeth had a twelve hour live stream with some of the best AH videos from over the years. Sara and I watch so much of their content, it is our go to background TV and is pretty much always on so we put the live stream on just out of curiosity to see what they were showing and couldn't really turn it off. Every video that came on garnered the same "Oh man I remember this!" or "Oh wow this is old, Ray's still there" type reaction and we just kept watching all evening.

We'd had a nice afternoon already, Sara had to work in the morning but finished at twelve so we went for some nice lunch down by the water at a pub we haven't been to for a while.

When we got home and chilled out for a bit we decided to play a game of Mansions of Madness. It's a game we haven't played in a while but we both really enjoy. We failed miserably at containing the Lovecraftian horrors from taking over Arkham but enjoyed the process. We had a good giggle at the fact that the investigator Sara was playing ended up with two broken legs, a broken arm, back spasms and insanity forcing her to remain silent for the remainder of the game, something that's really awkward in a cooperative game where we are trying to plan our moves together!

I was impressed that we were able to pick up and play with minimal rules referencing despite not having played this year at all.

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