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Two Years Strong

Today is mine and Sara's two year wedding anniversary, we've just gotten home from a lovely meal out at a Japanese restaurant in Winchester. Instead of writing something new today I'm just copying and pasting my wedding speech written just over two years ago.

I didn't give this speech word for word, I used it as a basis and improved where required, but it was pretty close! I'm gutted no one filmed this and Jon's best mans speech but I cherish the memories. Anyway, enjoy.

Wedding Speech - written 18th July 2016.


So many of you know I am brilliant at talking absolute shit.

And that's even before I've had a drink or three so I'll try and keep this short.

If I go for too long I'll probably just start turning everything into a Star Wars theory and put most of you to sleep.

I want to thank my family,

Jon for being my 'best' man, the mirror of myself if I get in to better physical shape and more crazy. He decided to quit drinking 106 days ago and saved us a bunch of money there so thanks for that bro.

My sister Lucy and her family. Sienna was a great flower girl wasn't she? And Joey has been on security detail all day.

My mum, for being an enabler to us all for thirty plus years and putting up with all of our shenanigans.

And Paul, for not selling the house in France until we were able to get down there for a holiday and I could propose somewhat romantically at Carcassonne.

Also need to remember my dad who I know would have loved Sara and got on great with her.

I need to thank Sara's family too. Other than Julie and Ron I've only met most of you once briefly before but I look forward to getting to know you all in the future.

Thanks for coming down guys, next time we'll brave the trip north and visit you all at Winterfell keeping us southerners safe from White Walkers.

Winter is coming.

Thanks to the wedding party for helping sort everything out, not managing to get lost and for making sure Sara and I always have a fresh drink… speaking of which…

I want to thank all you guys too, some of you didn't have to travel far, some of you have come from miles away.

Some had to quit their jobs to be here and some very kindly had their first child early so they could make it.

There's a particular friend who is actually halfway round the world at the moment working, I assume to pay for all the comics and Star Wars figures he's bought off me in the last few months to help pay for all this.

And then there's Sara.

The most beautiful, fun, smart, silly and sensible person I've ever met.

Sara did all of this! From day one she's planned, organised and arranged everything for today. I help where I could but really it was all Sara. It wasn't the easiest job in the world but I think you'll agree with me that what she's accomplished is incredible!

I've never met anyone who compliments my own weirdness so well. Who laughs when I'm talking nonsense, cares when I have a problem.

It's cliche to say but she is a true partner in every way.

The day after I proposed Sara told me about a dream she'd had that night. It was our wedding day and after our vows Jon and Maggie started quietly chanting "one of us" over and over until it built up and the whole crowd had joined in.

Thankfully that didn't happen!

But it is something I've been saying for years as Sara and I share so many of the same characteristics.

She would always fall back on the fact that it wasn't the case yet but now, I can finally say once and for all… one of us, one of us, one of us.

And now… Jon.

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