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Back To Pandemic

We got back into playing Pandemic Legacy: Season 2 the other evening after a long break. We hadn't played any since March. Up until then we had been doing a month in the story of the game per month, sometimes that would mean one game, sometimes two.

I really enjoyed writing up our game as a story, and I did take some notes in order to do so for this game, but I'm a little out of it in regards to where I was going with it narratively, especially as I'm having to adapt the story to all the changes that occur in our game as we progress. So I'm going to keep taking lose notes and maybe I'll write up these months but more likely is that I'll jump back into the story later on, trying to find a cleaver way of explaining the absence.

Still really enjoying the game though! We struggled through the 'April' games, getting our ass handed to us the first attempt and only barely making it second time. We've opened up a bunch more map though, which is exciting and daunting as the difficulty ramps up higher every game!

I'm hoping that we'll get it back to the table this evening, but it might not happen until Friday, we'll see!

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