• James Hewlett

Readying for War

We got this seasons draft board built and ready for Sunday this evening. I say we, Sara did most of it, I was just there for support.

We took the bones from last years but where we expanded to ten teams instead of eight it was easier to built a new one instead of try and alter the old.

Hopefully this one will be good for a few years though! I think there is still some tweets and special features to be added, but you get the idea. Roll on Sunday!

We also got caught up with the Mission: Impossible films tonight by watching Rogue Nation. I know I’d seen it before, but I couldn’t remember any of it and enjoyed it a lot. I got a kick out of clocking the shooting location for the ‘Moroccan’ powerplant from one wide shot and then the overhead confirmed it as Farley refinery, which is about ten minutes away from where we live and also doubled as the streets of Corellia in Solo.

We’ll probably be seeing the new one some time next week so look out for my thoughts on that then.

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