• James Hewlett

Evening Plans

Sara's at work this evening, its amazing how quickly I've gotten used to her being home more in the evenings. I was wondering what I was going to do with myself!

At first I thought I'd give Wes a shout and see if he wanted to go find a table to play some Star Wars Legion on somewhere, but then I noticed on facebook that he's come down with something so I skipped over that.

No, this evening I think I'm going to take some time to do final draft research for Sunday, play some video games with the lush new custom Xbox controller Sara got me for our anniversary (Colts colours, obviously!) and do the next lecture or two of my course. Nothing exciting, but just chilled out.

Tomorrow I'm going to get and prep some pork butt to slow cook on Saturday and eat Sunday. I'll probably talk more about that then. Ooh, maybe I'll give y'all my recipe! That'd be an interesting post.

Is finding money in your PayPal account the new cash down the sofa cushions? Either way I think I'm going to get a Dominos.

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