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Root Beer Pulled Pork

I'm sure you can tell due to so many of my pictures this last couple of weeks have been out in the garden but I am loving sitting out here while I write at the moment. Even if I'm not writing all that much, I'm much more inspired to do so straight away when I get home. I'll crack open all the doors and window and put the fans on upstairs and down to get some air flowing around the house while I'm sat out here so that when I do go back in it is much more bearable.

It's been damn hot today! I saw a few friends talking about it online and whenever I did I snapped a picture of what my van or car was reading at the time. I can't think of a time I've seen 35ºc in the UK before and it's due to get hotter apparently!

I normally tell people who complain about the heat that it is impossible for it to get, "Too hot," in this country but I'm starting to feel bad for those who don't enjoy this weather.

I personally love it!

The only... scratch that, not the the only, one thing that makes this weather even better is sitting outside eating tasty food.

Preferably it's been cooked low and slow on a smoker for hours by the time it gets to the table in front of you but sometimes that isn't convenient.

As I said yesterday, I'm looking forward to the draft not being hosted at our house this year and getting up at the ass crack of dawn to start cooking for everyone.

I do enjoy the process though, and everyones enjoyment of the finished product, but for occasions such as this I have a go-to recipe that always serves me well: Root Beer Pulled Pork.

This method is super simple and just requires a slow cooker. The recipe would probably work in the oven if you kept an eye on the temperature and the prep is the same as I would do if I was cooking on the smoker. This way is great if, like me, you want to do most of the cooking the day before and just finish it off/warm it up the next day when you're ready to serve it.

Sara and I like finding recipes we like the sound of, making them and then tweaking them until we have them exactly how we want them. When, and only when we've got them to that point we'll write them in our personal family cookbook. Some make it to the book after only one or two prior attempts, others we've been making and changing up for years and still haven't made the book as they're a bit different every time. It's a really fun practice, even Ed gets excited when he visits and we're cooking something and it has 'made it to the book.'

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