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Draft Day Recap

Ahh, what a day! The 2018 draft did not disappoint and a lot of fun was had by all.

I'd set myself a reminder to, "Call Ed, lots," yesterday morning as he was going to be driving down and picking us up. He's been working completely backwards hours at work recently, getting home at eight or nine in the morning, sleeping until five and then going back and doing it again. It's killing him.

So when I woke up to a message at eight thirty in the morning I initially thought, "Great! He's up already!" But I quickly had to engage my brain when I read in his message that he'd only just got home from work and didn't feel safe enough to make the two and bit hour drive down to us today.

I completely understood and after running through a couple of options with him we landed on FaceTiming him in to the draft via my laptop that I was planning on bringing with me anyway. It's not the ideal situation but it is better than nothing. After a bit of testing it worked great, he was loud enough, could hear everything and was able to participate as much as possible.

Everyone else made it without any hiccups and the day went off without a hitch. It was awesome of Rutter and Liv to host it at their house, it really took the pressure off us. We had more people this year as there was not just the two extra players but also a couple of girlfriends.

The best special guest came at the end of the draft itself though when Rutter and I got the brilliant idea to try and get Kes on a video call as well all the way from China! It was so good to see his face again, maybe one day we'll be able to get him back in the league.

It was fun watching everyones different draft tactics and strategies. There was the super analytical Jamie and Jack, the by the numbers statistical style of Sara and Mitchell, without any discussions Rutter and I both went with a slightly looser plan, just going with our gut as opposed to any hard and fast rule, despite both having our own notes and player rankings, Bart seemed to have a mixed strategy but went with mostly safe bets rather than riskier players, Emma came in with a lot of confidence and enthusiasm for someone who still doesn't fully understand American Football, and also had some sneaky tactics from listening in on Mitchells prep work, then you had Ed who was half asleep but did well to keep track of the board and made a lot of good albeit weirdly timed picks and then Brennan who lived up to last year and came in with google in hand. He managed to draft a full team though which was an improvement over last year.

It's still about a month until games start and there has already been trades made, so I'm sure it is going to be an entertaining fantasy season!

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