• James Hewlett

Just Chilli(n)

Todays post isn't going to be much. I kind of joined Sara in an already in progress nap when I got home from work and we're off to see Mission: Impossible 6 soon.

I was looking at all our nice chilli pepper plants growing though and thought I'd take a picture of them.

They started out as a pack from Wahaca when we went back in December with Ed and Toni, they give them out with the bill instead of business cards. They sat doing nothing for months and then we planted them and had them on the kitchen windowsill in their early life. As they started to grow and we realised they were actually taking we repotted them individually and moved them to the living room by the door where they can get more sun.

They now alternate between outside and in and because of where they are they're not forgotten about and get watered regularly. They've yet to produce any peppers but they're all growing really well and look healthy. I'm looking forward to seeing what and if they end up coming out with. Hopefully a bit of a mixture of spicy chilli peppers! I'd love to not have to buy them any more and always have our own fresh selection available.

That'll do it. I'll be back tomorrow with my thoughts on mad man Cruise's latest.

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