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Bad Writing

Okay so yesterdays post came out today. I wrote my review of M:I Fallout, go read that one for a decent length update.

The reason it didn't come out yesterday was that after getting home and chilling out with Sara for a bit I was just too sleepy to do it justice and I knew I had stuff I really wanted to say.

We've decided that we're going to start catching up on shows we've been meaning to watch and have started with Altered Carbon. I'm not as good at binge watching as a lot of people, but only because I've trained myself out of it. In order to save money though that's what we're going to do a lot of for a while, less going out and doing stuff and more catching up on shows, movies and stuff at home. Probably a fair bit of playing the board games and video games we've already got too.

The other thing I want to do more of is my writing course. I've been really enjoying it so far! I feel like it is definitely helping me develop my technique, not so much for my blog posts, but for what it is designed for, fiction writing. I've not started anything in particular yet but I do have a folder of ideas and they're coming together a bit more richly than they would have previously.

One of the bits of course work that comes up occasionally is a 'bad writing' exercise in which you are given a prompt, for instance writing a conversation or scene of dialogue but badly. So in that example you would either write it too realistically, with lots of pauses, gaps, "Um's," "Ah's" or characters interrupting and talking over each other. Or you write it way too unrealistically, over explaining everything, information dumping, making characters talk in a very stilted, robotic way.

The point is to write it as badly as you can in order to develop the skills to self edit as you go, to spot the mistakes before you write them and to get a good idea of how to write better.

So far each section of the course has started with one of these 'bad writing' exercises and then led into more constructive lessons on how to improve. I struggled with it at first because I was finding it hard to intentionally write poorly but once you get through it it was quite fun to go back to and cringe at. Then, after finishing the section, even though I felt like I could have written something better than I did at the start already, I really felt like I had the tools to write a much better version of the scene.

So thats that for today. A bit of fluff and then an update on how my course is going. Sara should be home soon, she was up at 4:45 this morning to get to work, so I think I might start making some dinner so she can just crash out when she gets back. See ya tomorrow.

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